Natural Soap Workshop is designed to bring together people who enjoy natural beauty and love expanding their knowledge and creativity. In our workshops you will learn to create a full range of beautiful and pampering natural bath and body products from natural cold process soap to natural body butters, lotions, moisturisers, creams, body scrubs, body oils, serums, toners, shampoo, conditioner, treatments, lip balms anti-ageing serums, perfume.

The skincare and haircare natural products we create are natural and made from high quality butters, oils, herbs and essential oils purchased from established providers. As much as possible the ingredients are sourced locally as well. Our workshops are for a maximum of 12 persons to ensure a more personal experience, but if you are interested in booking for a private one-to-one workshop or an event such as a hen party or birthday party, please email Roxana for Soap and Tony for all other cosmetic products - our emails and phone numbers are below

LOCATION: Central London, UK



Roxana is not only a highly experienced formulator of soaps and cosmetics, but she is also a wonderful communicator and educator. She has been an integral part of running many of our natural skin and hair care courses. Her expertise spans from making colourful CP soaps to formulating safe and effective balms and scrubs.  Her focus is on practical application as well as tangible results. Her vast expertise, experience, and infinite enthusiasm and passion for excellence are evident in the positive feedback from our clients.

Roxana: Mobile: 07874 084660

It is important to be able to not only trust the ingredients put into a product, but as well as those who teach how to make them. Many DIY beauty workshops, aromatherapists, herbalists and hairdressers etc, do not have the qualifications nor experience to teach how to make safe products which will pass safety assessment legally needed to sell products in the UK/EU. This increases the risk of unsafe products being made.